A Time Full Of Charm.

Aiming for a fusion of function and design,
we have planned a living space that enhances the comfort of living.
The luxury of everyday life brings true excitement.


1About 2.7m Maximum ceiling height


The ceiling height in the unit is up to about 2.7m. Design that feels graceful opening.

2Accent wall

One side wall of the Living room and the Bedroom is the accent paint wall.

  • There is a charge for the wall decoration molding.

3Indirect lighting and downlight


4Open sash from the center

Open sash from the center that slides to the right and left from the middle enhances the sense of spaciousness.

5Balcony glass handrail

Balcony handrails use glass handrails with excellent lighting and wide visibility.

6800-square-shaped large tiled floor

  • All flooring in a bedroom.

7The sash on the balcony side uses a high sash of about 2.2m in height

8Exclusive-use balcony with a maximum depth of about 2.7m.


Pile foundation structure

The property, which has a frame with the Rahmen structure composed of pillars and beams, uses a pile foundation method using site-created piles. 376 piles with the tip of the pile penetrating about 8 to 10m into the bearing ground at a depth of about 40 m or more from the ground level support the whole building.

Pile foundation structure

Expansion joint

This project consists of 5 buildings, Tower A to D which are residence buildings and Tower E which is an office building. The ground part of the building is divided into 3 blocks by an expansion joint by structural calculation.

About Expansion Joint

In order to reduce the influence of external forces that are disadvantageous to pillars and beams in the structural calculation.

Expansion joint


Strata Title

With the revision of the law in 2010, it is now possible for non-resident foreigners to own condominiums. For this property, the Cambodian government will issue a “Strata Title (Real Estate Ownership Certificate)” to all buyers through a government-led procedure called a hard title.


Follow-up service

The Seller has established a maximum of 10-year follow-up service standard for repairs under the responsibility of the seller in the event of certain housing defects.

  • Ask your sales personnel for details.

CLEARTH LIFE (CAMBODIA) Co., Ltd (Cambodian subsidiary)

CLEARTH LIFE (CAMBODIA) has an office at EAST COMMERCIAL CENTER on the same premises as the property. They manage leasing and building management in multiple languages including Japanese, English, Chinese and Khmer which is the official language of Cambodia to support owners and tenants.